Dogecoin and XRP have seen varying performances over the last few weeks, going from bullish to bearish. As the market progresses into the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event, crypto analysts have begun to give their predictions for where the market is headed for the next year in the expected bull market. This time around, it is crypto analyst Ash Crypto, who revealed his predictions for where the price of Dogecoin and XRP, among others, are headed.

Dogecoin And XRP 12-15 Months Prediction

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Ash Crypto made his one year predictions for the prices of Dogecoin and XRP going forward. The specific timeframes for these price targets were placed at the 12-15 months, which means they are expected to fully play out sometime in 2025, which is when the bull market is expected to peak.

For Dogecoin, the crypto analyst predicts a $1 price target by 2025. Now, given Dogecoin’s current price of $0.14, it means that the analyst expects a less than 1000% move for the meme coin, which, for meme coins, can be said to be quite disappointing. Additionally, it would put the market cap of the meme coin at around $150 billion, give or take, depending on how much the DOGE supply grows until then.

The next interesting prediction on the list is that of XRP. Now, XRP has disappointed investors over the last four years as it has been unable to replicate the bullish moves of other altcoins in the space. Even with Judge Analisa Torres declaring that programmatic XRP sales did not classify as a security offering, the XRP price still failed to reach $1.

However, Ash Crypto believes that the price of the meme coin will eventually cross this level, reaching as high as $5 in the bull market. More specifically, the crypt analyst puts the possible price points between $3 and $5. From its current value of $0.49, it would mean that XRP would rise around 600% to reach $3 and around 1,000% in order to reach $5.

Reaching these targets would put the market cap of XRP as between $165 billion and $275 billion going by current supply. However, with token unlocks happening every month, this market cap figure would be much higher if the price grows that high.

Ash Crypto’s Other Predictions

In addition to Dogecoin and XRP, the crypto analyst also made predictions for 11 other cryptocurrencies. Top of the list is Bitcoin, who moves are expected to lead the market. The analyst predicts that the pioneer cryptocurrency will rise between $100,000 and $250,000.

For Ethereum, Ash Crypto expects another 4x to 5x move for the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, putting it between $10,000 and $15,000. This is followed by Binance’s BNB, which the analyst expects to reach between $900 and $1,400.

Solana’s prediction is between $450 and $650, Polkadot is between $100 and $120, and Chainlink at $250 and $500. Others mentioned include Avalanche at $200-$300, Internet Computer at $120-$160, Injective at $180-$250, Celestia at $100-$150, and MANTA at $30-$70.

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