U.Today – A single (BTC) transaction has caught the attention of many owing to its gas fee size. Blockchain analytics platform Whale Alert confirmed that a fee of 1.5 BTC was paid for a single transaction. This fee is equivalent to $100,254 based on the current market value of the top cryptocurrency. This fee is quite higher than the average transaction cost.

This user paid this enormous fee to have their transfer included in an ordinary Bitcoin block. Some of these transactions have been recorded in the past. In September 2023, a Bitcoin user paid a transaction fee of 19 BTC. This was around the time when Bitcoin price was trading at $26,000, hence, the 19 BTC was equivalent to $509,563.

Then again, in January, another BTC account paid over 4 BTC to have their transfer included in an ordinary Bitcoin block. The transaction was therefore charged with a whopping 1,800,890 sat/vB fee.

Potential reason for high transaction fee

It is worth noting that ordinarily transaction fees can fluctuate due to network congestion. It once reached as high as $60 during the 2017 cryptocurrency boom. Hence, this outrageous transaction fee recently recorded could be a result of a mistake or a misconfiguration in transaction software. It could also be potentially for reasons known only to the transaction initiator or even a possible money laundering scheme.

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