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Hamster Kombat. The Mission

Some think Hamster Kombat is just a game. Some even consider Hamster Kombat a “clicker.”

But the fact of the matter is that Hamster Kombat is a crypto exchange CEO simulator where you can become a CEO and build not only your own exchange, but also contribute to this whole project!

Hamster Kombat is not a competition, there are no leaderboards per se, and there will be no “clashes of clans.”

But in this “cute little game,” you can grow from the bottom to the top. And you’re not doing it alone — you’re doing it with your friends.

🐹You communicate, have fun, learn new things, educate yourself through our Academy, and naturally become a part of the Web3 world, the world that might have seemed unreachable before.

Hamster Kombat. The Mission.

Our mission is not just this “Web3 mass adoption” everyone has been talking about.

Our true mission is to help you grow alongside each other, learn new things, make friends, and build the biggest and most tight-knit community.

Our mission is to spread financial literacy. Our mission is to provide an opportunity to earn the capital together, to create value, and to create a community token — something that we will all appreciate, benefit from, and share through thick and thin.

It’s our conscious choice to not spend money on marketing. It’s our conscious choice not to sell ads in the game. We do not want to “sell” you and your attention, and we believe that the fact that hundreds of thousands of people around the globe unite to play and learn is VERY valuable. And it costs a lot more than all the money in the world.

Our mission is to unite, not pit people against each other.

And the future value of our token is going to be a reflection of YOUR power, our Hamster CEOs, and the index of how much you believe in yourself and what we can do together.

🐹Hamster Kombat unites people!🐹

P.S. Fiat money is based on trust and public agreement, whereas the Hamster token will be backed by your faith, by millions of you, and as we said before, it costs a hell of a lot more than just money💰


🤑 The topic of cryptocurrencies requires a fair amount of knowledge to earn.
To be successful in completing web3 quests your Hamsters need to go through the YouTube Hamster Academy (https://www.youtube.com/@HamsterKombat_Official?sub_confirmation=1)

🐹 Hamsters will benefit from attending Web3 Academy courses to acquire all the necessary skills and ready-made tools to earn coins!

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