U.Today – An early contributor, Martti Malmi, has shared a collection of previously undisclosed emails with Satoshi Nakamoto. These emails shed new light on Bitcoin’s early days and Nakamoto’s philosophical approach to the digital currency.

Key among these insights is Nakamoto’s perspective on Bitcoin as primarily a medium of exchange, not merely an investment vehicle. He highlighted the energy efficiency of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work mechanism compared to traditional banking, addressing environmental concerns before they became a major talking point.

Bitcoin/USD Chart by TradingViewNakamoto’s email from May 2, 2009, commends Malmi for grasping Bitcoin’s potential, mentioning that linking Bitcoin to fiat currencies could boost its value — a topic he was hesitant to discuss publicly until the right moment. He also stressed the importance of preparing for an influx of users, anticipating widespread adoption.

Furthermore, Nakamoto envisioned Bitcoin’s ability to scale up to handle transaction volumes much larger than those handled by conventional financial systems, at a fraction of the cost. He assured that as the network grew, it would become more secure, dismissing early vulnerabilities as minor startup issues.

Another interesting and somewhat funny detail from the emails is Nakamoto’s request for help with website content. This humanizes the often mythologized figure of Nakamoto, showing his willingness to collaborate and delegate.

Bitcoin-like encryption, backups and user-friendliness were also topics of discussion. They have shown that Nakamoto is committed to making Bitcoin accessible and secure for masses.

These email exchanges enrich the narrative around Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin’s origins and provide more interesting details, which, when analyzed, may shed more light on Nakamoto’s secret identity. For now, only one thing is clear: Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision is close to what we have today, despite the continuous evolution of Bitcoin.

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