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CTO shares unexpected Satoshi Nakamoto statement

A recent X post from Ripple CTO David Schwartz has sparked heated discussions on the topic of the real identity of pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. It all started with a claim from a prominent Bitcoin community member known as “Ryuushi,” according to whom Craig Wright remains “the most likely person to be Satoshi,” despite recent legal setbacks. The claim immediately caught Schwartz’s attention; the CTO replied that Wright had a perfect opportunity to prove his identity as Nakamoto during the trial, but he failed to do so. “I’m more likely to be Satoshi than Craig is,” concluded Schwartz in his X post. Such a reaction has once again ignited rumors of Schwartz’s potential connection to Nakamoto. Some theorists consider the Ripple CTO to be a plausible candidate for Nakamoto’s identity, given his extensive background in cryptography.

Major British banks testing tokenized deposits

As tokenization is gaining traction in the United Kingdom, UK Finance, the British trade association, is expanding its pilot project aimed at testing tokenized deposits. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, among the banking giants that participated in the pilot are Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group Plc (LON:) and Citigroup Inc (NYSE:)., with Mastercard (NYSE:) and Visa (NYSE:), the world’s biggest credit card networks, also being involved. The trial is anticipated to last up to three years, before the commercial implementation of the technology. The first results of the experiment will be revealed in August of this year. Meanwhile, per recent reports, the future of the digital pound, or “Britcoin,” is surrounded with uncertainty. Although the Bank of England first started exploring it back in 2021, the project has not seen much progress.

Bitcoin halving to create massive BTC supply shock: Samson Mow

Jan3 CEO and renowned Bitcoin enthusiast Samson Mow has recently taken to X platform to share his take on when he expects the “Omega time” for the Bitcoin price to arrive and to make some remarks on the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. In his X thread, Mow wrote that fear of certain negative developments in the Middle East led to Bitcoin’s price plunge over the weekend, with TradeFi markets having their share of panic. However, Mow believes, this is all an overreaction and “will wash over soon.” After that, the “Omega time” for Bitcoin will follow. Then, the Jan3 CEO touched upon the BTC halving, referring to it as “the spark of a massive supply shock.” Mow underscored that the Bitcoin demand shock is happening right now, as spot Bitcoin ETFs have been absorbing immense amounts of BTC since mid-January, when the SEC approved ETF trading.

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