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In a riveting panel discussion hosted by Bybit, one of the world’s top three crypto exchanges by volume, key figures from the crypto industry gathered to discuss crypto and global finance. The panel, which included Bybit’s Hao Yang, OKX’s Lennix Lai, and Willis Croft of Wintermute, explored the impact of halving, the influence of institutional investments, and the significance of macroeconomics.

The Impact of Bitcoin Halving

Historically, Bitcoin halvings have spurred significant price surges. However, this influence is showing signs of decline. “I think the magnitude of the halving being a catalyst for upward price movements is lessening,” said Hao Yang of Bybit. “The total amount of circulating bitcoin will arrive at 21 million via a non-linear curve. That means the impact from halvings altering the supply side will be less as the total circulating amount of bitcoin increases.”

Institutional Entry through ETFs

The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs marks a pivotal shift, heralding an era of institutional participation. Lennix Lai of OKX highlighted the transformative role of ETFs: “Post ETF, we opened the floodgates for demand, especially the institutional money,” emphasizing the ETF’s role in mainstreaming Bitcoin investments among traditional financial players.

Macroeconomic Influences and Market Maturation

All panelists concurred that macroeconomic factors now exert a more pronounced influence on Bitcoin than halving events. Willis Croft noted the broader economic integration, “The market is changing. I always thought that the last link for a real mature crypto ecosystem is to bond with the real world economy… And once we started tokenizing other stuff on chain, we will see a huge efficiency improvement to the old system.”

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Vision for the Future

The participants agreed that more traditional financial entities are engaging with crypto. Lennix Lai observed, “We’re seeing very traditional, legacy business in the securities market or commodity trading… directly trading or interacting with crypto — that’s unique.”

Watch the livestream here.

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