NEW YORK – Amid a robust upswing in the cryptocurrency market, has emerged as a standout performer, with a significant majority of its investors enjoying profits. Data from indicates that over 88% of Dogecoin holders were in profit as of last week, positioning the digital currency as the second-most profitable in terms of investor gains, following closely behind .

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency witnessed a substantial 146% price increase in the first quarter of 2024, escalating from $0.089 to $0.22. This surge added nearly $18.5 billion to Dogecoin’s market capitalization and marked the highest proportion of profitable Dogecoin addresses in three years. Notably, large investors, colloquially known as “whales,” account for more than half of the addresses in profit. Moreover, 61% of Dogecoin holders have maintained their investments for over a year, demonstrating considerable long-term confidence in the asset.

In comparison to other leading cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin’s performance is particularly notable. According to IntoTheBlock data, Bitcoin remains the leader with 96% of its holders making profits. and TON trail with 87% and 86% of addresses in profit, respectively. Other cryptocurrencies like and also saw a healthy share of profitable addresses, though to a lesser extent than Dogecoin.

The enthusiasm for Dogecoin has also been reflected in its trading volume, which experienced a sixfold increase in the first quarter of 2024. CoinMarketCap reported $141 billion worth of Dogecoin trades during this period, with March accounting for $105 billion of that volume.

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