Web3 infrastructure specialist 0G Labs has launched the test phase of its new blockchain project, 0G, which is designed to improve data throughput capabilities for on-chain artificial intelligence (AI) applications. 

The testnet is now open to node operators, developers, and the broader community, and serves as a precursor to the planned mainnet launch in the third quarter of 2024.

Dubbed ZeroGravity, 0G addresses the critical challenges that blockchain technology faces when integrated with AI—mainly, the data and execution requirements that exceed current capabilities by a wide margin. The modular nature of the 0G blockchain allows for a streamlined network that avoids the limitations of traditional consensus algorithms and provides scalable solutions without compromising on performance.

“The public launch of our testnet marks the first stage of bringing AI on-chain, which will combine two of the most exciting technologies that emerged in the past decade. Our team has worked diligently over the past months to deliver our vision of the ultra-scalable modular blockchain, and we’re really excited to see the feedback from the community of users and developers,” said Michael Heinrich, CEO of 0G Labs. 

The development comes at a time when the demand for on-chain AI is increasing, driven by its potential to offer more reliable and neutral platforms for training and executing neural networks. A report by consultancy firm KPMG highlights the growing interest among global corporate executives in AI as a key technological advancement poised to impact future business operations. Despite the opportunities, concerns regarding intellectual property, data privacy, regulatory uncertainties, and biases in AI models persist.

0G’s blockchain infrastructure proposes a decentralized approach to AI to democratize access to the technology and upgrade data security by distributing it across multiple nodes. This method not only protects sensitive information but also ensures a fair distribution of rewards among contributors of data, models, and computational resources. 

Moreover, by leveraging distributed ledger and cryptographic technologies, 0G provides transparent mechanisms to differentiate between authentic data and manipulated content, such as deepfakes.

Existing blockchain solutions have been inadequate for large-scale on-chain AI deployments, which is why 0G is providing infrastructure capable of supporting massive data throughput rates. With benchmarks indicating data throughput capabilities of over 50 Gbps—a stark contrast to the 1.5 Mbps offered by current Ethereum-based scaling solutions—0G improves performance and scalability.

The launch of the 0G testnet follows the closure of a $35 million pre-seed funding round by 0G Labs, which was well above its initial $5 million target. The funding round attracted support from key investors in the Web3 space, including Hack VC, Bankless, and Polygon, among others.

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