In an exciting turn of events, the XRP Ledger has taken a notable step forward by entering into a strategic partnership with EasyA in order to boost and improve the ledger’s adoption.

XRP Ledger Partners With EasyA

Crypto Eri, an XRP community member and influencer, took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to share the update with the community. Crypto Eri’s X post was accompanied by EasyA’s announcement regarding the partnership with XRP ledger.

According to her, users can now deploy smart contracts on the ledger through their mobile phones. “The world’s first smart contract on XRP Ledger’s all-new EVM right from your phone,” she stated.

EasyA is a recognized center for developers that aims to improve Ethereum sidechain accessibility. The alliance that both parties have established is a great starting point for the ecosystem, as well as for those who want to deploy dApps on the XRPL.

The company has highlighted in a report a learning module on the subject, which is made up of six challenges. Starting with an overview of the ledger’s history, the course runs from January 29 to July 31. At the conclusion, users will learn how to construct an XRP ledger dApp and create its front end.

With content for several blockchain networks, including Solana, VeChain, Sui, and Polkadot, EasyA has more than 750,000 developers registered with them. This suggests an increase in the adoption of the network.

EasyA has launched a “60 days of XRPL” initiative in an effort to give its more than 750,000 developers access to the ledger Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Sidechain. Interestingly, these inventors are associated with some of the world’s top universities located in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

The report read:

EasyA is renowned for its Web3 learning platform, with its huge community of over 750,000 developers, founders, and visionaries, and deep partnerships with over 300 of the world’s best university blockchain clubs from Harvard to MIT to Cambridge and beyond.

Furthermore, this EVM sidechain can be used by developers to implement XRPL smart contracts that work with Ethereum. However, they are not specifically native to the XRPL, as with the Hooks.

Top Companies To Fund EasyA Developers

XRP ledger is now expecting the introduction of Hooks, which will enable smart features on the network. But there is a latency in the Hooks protocol at the moment.

It is noteworthy that top companies, such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), have provided funds to EasyA developers. With the funding, they will be able to create applications on the ledger that provide various services that the typical user can access. 

As previously noted by Eri, these applications can be developed through the use of smartphones, which is a creative way that disregards the protocol.

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