This weekend, Sam Altman’s Worldcoin shared the news of its increased community engagement and activity on X.

World App Hits 1M Daily Users

Worldcoin announced that its wallet, World App, has crossed 1 million daily active users this week. 

World App is the first wallet built on the Worldcoin project. Notably, the jump in daily users is a huge milestone for the digital identity and financial network. It is a testament that more individuals are getting drawn to the products and services that Worldcoin renders including its Orb scanning and verification tool.

In May 2023, Worldcoin introduced the World App, citing that it can be used to “prove your personhood online with World ID, claim your Worldcoin tokens, and send digital money globally for free”. 

Its introduction came around the time when Altman was seeking $100 million in funding to develop such innovative applications on Worldcoin.

Worldcoin Growing Amidst AI Boom

Worldcoin has faced some challenges so far but in contrast, the firm has expanded tremendously. Even after halting its iris recognition service in France, India, and Brazil, Worldcoin went ahead to launch its orb verification in Singapore

This high and low trend in its solution has not stunted the growth of World ID which recorded a staggering 16,000 Orb verifications in a day.

Amongst the milestones that the Altman-led company has experienced in recent times is the parabolic pavement of the Worldcoin (WLD) price. Within the last week, the token recorded more than 80% in profits. At the time of this writing, WLD was trading at $4.72 with an 11.82% increase in the last 24 hours. 

The news of increasing daily users on Worldcoin’s World App has left the broad community dazed, with some even more concerned about how it may affect OpenAI’s latest venture, Sora. Sora AI is a revolutionary tool that can create videos from textual descriptions. The disruptive technology utilizes the capabilities of state-of-the-art AI models for generating visually captivating narratives solely from written prompts.

It marks a considerable step forward in digital content development. Generally, it also testifies to the significant growth happening in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem as well as the ever-evolving digital landscape, ushering in new possibilities for creative expression and technological innovation.

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