U.Today – Tech centibillionaire Elon Musk has announced a major new milestone achieved by one of his largest and oldest companies – SpaceX.

The community on the X platform, which also belongs to him, responded immediately, congratulating the hard working CEO. Among them were also crypto-themed accounts that made allegations about SpaceX’s crypto holdings going up in the future.

“SpaceX’s crypto clearly going to moon”

In his tweet, the innovative entrepreneur, Musk, sent congratulations to the SpaceX team on its major new record – three million customers in 99 countries on the planet. Musk also extended his gratitude to SpaceX customers for buying Starlink.

Recently, as was announced by Elon Musk, this space-internet connection became available in Indonesia. Musk paid a visit to Bali as part of the promotion campaign.

Crypto user @XRPcryptowolf tweeted that he expects crypto held by SpaceX to go to moon. It is widely known that SpaceX holds and . As of March 1, SpaceX and Tesla (NASDAQ:) together hold $1.3 billion worth of Bitcoin, with more than half a million U.S. dollars in profits after the bull run that took place back then. As for DOGE, this is is the only cryptocurrency both SpaceX and Tesla accept for their merchandise in online shops.

Elon Musk makes “Black Mirror” warning

Earlier today, Musk commented on the recent AI innovation presented by the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:) to the public. It is a new feature added to the Copilot + PC, named “Recall.”

The new feature will create photographic memories for users, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claims. It will take screenshots of all user activity on a PC and then process it with AI. Users will be able to search through this archive later on, according to the idea.

Elon Musk responded, saying that this really looks like “a Black Mirror” episode – a popular TV series about possible dystopian futures and the dominating role of technologies. Musk tweeted that he will certainly switch this feature off. CTO David Schwartz also questioned the point behind the creation of this feature, assuming that people would hardly want to use it.

Nadella, though, assumed everyone that Recall will operate locally and will not transfer personal user data from their PCs.

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