U.Today – Peter Schiff recently reiterated his stance on , asserting that he does not own any despite widespread speculation to the contrary. Schiff’s comments come amid a questionable position of digital gold on the market.

Schiff has been vocal about his views on Bitcoin, often contrasting its value and utility against traditional assets like gold. His latest remarks emphasize his disbelief in the cryptocurrency’s value, likening the enthusiasm around it to being “drunk on the Kool-Aid.” Schiff’s analogy to “the emperor’s new clothes” suggests he sees Bitcoin’s value as largely imaginary, promoted by collective belief rather than intrinsic worth.

This perspective is consistent with his previous statements on the dynamics of Bitcoin’s price. He has commented on the launch of Bitcoin ETFs, noting that initial lack of sellers due to overwhelming buyer interest had temporarily buoyed prices.

However, he predicted that as more investors hold these ETFs, the increase in potential sellers would outstrip buying demand, leading to price declines. This viewpoint aligns with his broader skepticism about the sustainability of Bitcoin’s market performance.

Critics of Schiff often argue that his continual critiques of Bitcoin are part of a personal branding strategy. They speculate that he might secretly own Bitcoin, using his public disparagement as a way to draw attention to himself and his preferred investment, gold. This theory suggests that Schiff’s criticism could be a calculated move to maintain relevance in social channels.

Ultimately, whether Schiff’s position is a marketing strategy or a genuine philosophy, his statements are being noticed and analyzed. He has been right on numerous cases when criticizing Bitcoin and the path it has chosen. However, it’s important to note that Schiff predicted Bitcoin’s fall to all-time lows, ahead of mind-blowing rallies toward ATHs.

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