U.Today – Long-term bull and MicroStrategy executive chairman Michael Saylor has published a Bitcoin message to the BTC community after the news spread about the U.S. Securities and Exchange issuing approval of spot exchange-traded funds.

Saylor still expects Bitcoin to beat Ethereum and all other rivals on the market, according to his tweet.

Saylor’s “Bitcoin Godzilla” message

Prominent Bitcoin maximalist Saylor posted a “BTC bullish” response to the rejoiced crypto community: “All your models are destroyed when Godzilla arrives. #Bitcoin,” along with an image of the movie-based monster crashing everything around itself.

The Godzilla image has a BTC mascot in the bottom right corner as if hinting at the immense power of Bitcoin that its followers believe in and the future impact on the market they expect to see.

Bitcoin maxi Samson Mow confirms bearish ETH outlook

Another Bitcoin maximalist, CEO of Jan3 Samson Mow, also responded to the Ethereum ETF approval negatively.

Mow believed that the odds of spot Ethereum ETFs getting approved had been always 50/50. He reckons that the only real reason that stands behind the approval is that the SEC had pushed themselves into a corner, so they “had no choice but to let it through.”

Mow reminded that, for him, ETF approval “does not change the bearish outlook for Ethereum at all.” Earlier this week, Mow tweeted that now is the last chance to sell ETH above 0.05 BTC.

On Thursday, the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, responded to the ETF news with an almost 5% increase, surging to the $3.937 level. However, a rebound followed, taking Ethereum down by 6.86%. At the time of this writing, ETH is changing hands at $3,664 per coin.

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