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Bitcoin Whales Spend $6.3 Billion In One Day As Historic BTC Buy Signal Appears

Bitcoin whales are not backing down from the market and have continued to capitalize on the pump by buying every dip. The most recent dip toward $60,000 saw these large investors gobble up BTC at an alarming rate, with their daily spending coming in at billions of dollars.

Bitcoin Whales Buy $6.3 Billion Worth Of BTC

In a stunning discovery, co-founder of Bitcoin-based company Apollo, Thomas Fahrer, revealed that Bitcoin whales have been rapidly buying up the tokens amid price drawdown. More specifically, the daily spend of these whales caught Fahrer’s eye.

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The report shared by the founder shows that while smaller investors had been selling, Bitcoin whales were buying up billions of dollars worth of coins. In the 24-hour period, these whales holding more than 1,000 BTC on their balances accumulated 8,953 BTC, worth $6.3 billion at the time. This further adds to their weekly accumulation numbers, coming out at 12,058 BTC, which is almost $9 billion worth of BTC bought in one week.

This accumulation trend comes in light of smaller investors selling their tokens. For example, Fahrer’s screenshot show Sharks, which are investors holding between 100-1,000 BTC on their balances sold 6,746 BTC in one day, worth around $5 billion.

Other notable sellers include the crabs, which are investors holding 1-10 BTC, selling 1,074 BTC in the same time period. Shrimps – investors holding 0-1 BTC, were also caught selling, with a total of 591 BTC sold. While Fish investors, those holding 10-100 BTC, sold only 95 BTC in the one day period.

The flow of these investors shows that BTC is flowing out from smaller investors toward larger investors, something that is bullish for the price. The same is the case on the weekly timeframe where Shrimps sold 2,079 BTC, Crabs sold 5,748 BTC, Fish sold 1,155 BTC, while Sharks bought up 60 BTC, with Bitcoin whales buying the majority with 12,085 BTC.

Time To Buy

A number of crypto analysts have called for buying and it seems Bitcoin whales are the ones following this advice. One of the analysts who has been vocal about it being the time to buy is Ali Martinez, who shared an interesting formation on the Bitcoin chart.

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Martinez pointed out that the TD Sequential, which had previously predicted the Bitcoin price movement, had flashed a buy signal. The level at which this analyst presented this buy signal was around the $69,500 level, and since then, the BTC price has since rebounded above $70,000, suggesting the buy signal was correct.

If the TD Sequential holds like it did the last time it appeared, then the current price push could see Bitcoin reach a new all-time high above $74,000, since the last one saw an almost 15% move. But for now, Bitcoin bulls are fighting to maintain its position above $70,000, with a 12.22% increase in the last week.

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